Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 16

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 16

    Special Tools ~5. Number Engine Tool N umber Dosalption Remarks l@®®®@ e®D®®®D®®®©®@@@@©@@ae@€?ff @@ Ne O7GAD-PH70100 07HAD-PJ70100 07 HAD’PJ 70200 07HAH’FJ7DI 00 OMAR-0010000 O7JAA‘00 l 0 l 00 O7JAB-0010100 07JAB—0010200 07JAZASH20l 00 07JGer10100 O7 KAKa$J401 0° 07406—0030000 07742—00l0100 077427001 0200 07 7430020000 07744-001 0400 07 749»001 0000 D7757»001000I 0791 2-6110001 079244’020003 D7944»6| 10200 O79¢7-SEODI 00 07548-8300500 07973»P500200 07973-PE00310 D7973~FE00320 079737 PEDO4OO 079735500100 0737345570002 07973-6570500 0737345570500 0798445570101 Valve Guide Seal Installer Driver Valve Guide Seal lnsraller Valve Guide Reamer, 5.5 mm Crank Pulley Holder Set Socket Wrench 17 mm Pulley Holder Attachment Handle RPM Connecting Adaptor Belt Tension Gauge Engine Tilt Hanger Set Oil Pressure Gauge Adaptor Valve GUIde Driver , 5.5 mm Valve Guide Driver, 55 mm Adjusrable Valve Guide Driver Pin Driver, 5 mm Driver Valve Spring Compressor Oil Filter Socket Wrench Oil Filter WrenchrApply from LABINAL S . A .) Ring Gear Holder Pin Driver 8 mm Oil Seal Driver Seal Driver Attachment Pilot Collar Piston Pin Driver Shaft Piston Pin Driver Head Piston Pin Base Insert Piston Base Head Piston Fin Dis/Assembly Tool Set Piston Base Piston Spring Valve Guide Remover , 6,6 mm For DOHC engine For cranksnan as For sonc engine For SOHC engine (Pu ilev side) ]aCDmponent tools For SOHC engine For DOHC engine Um! to set ill: camshalisal TDClDUHC angina). 079573290001 may also be used. Used for Japan-made oil filter Used for Francs-made Dil filter 07924-PD20002 may also be used . For crankshaft seal (Clutch side) ®.®.®,@v® are used with A07E73-8570001 ]e(:crnponenr tools For DOHC engine | a; e Number Tool Number Fuel and Emissions Description Remarks @696) @963? 07GMJ-ML80100 07JAZ-SH20100 07406-0040001 0740670040100 07405-0040201 0741 170020000 07999-PD6000A Test Harness RPM Connecting Adaptor Fuel Pressure Pressure Gauge Hose Assv Digital Circuit Tester PGM-FI Test Harness ]eCornponent tools Number Clutch Tool Number Description Remarks @@®@®@ 07JAF-PM70100 07401-0010000 07614-005010!) 07746-0010100 07749-0010000 079244020003 Clutch Disc Alignment Tool Float Level Gauge Fuel Lina Clamp Attachment, 32 x35 mm Driver Ring Gear Holder 07924—FD20002 may also he used , 2-2