Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 36

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 36

    Lubrication Points Not LUBRICATION POINTS LUBRICANT l Engine API Sennee Grade: 55, SF or so sne viscosity see chart below 2 “Emission M 3 API Service Grade: 55 or s: 3“ SAE Viscosity. See chart below 3 Brake Line ialb line for ALB model Brake iluid nor a or now 4 Power steering system Honda power steering fluid P/N 08203799961 5 Steering gearbox (Power sleemlg] Honda steering grease P/N 03733730705 6 shin lever pivot (manual transmission) Silicone grass with molybdenum dieuttide 7 Tilt steering 3 Steering ball joints 9 Suspension ball lomls to steering beets ll Steering gearbox(Manual sleeringl l2 Steering column bushings 13 Pedal linkage Multimuroose grease is state mastev cylinder push rod 15 Tailgate hinges is Dnor hinges upper and lower 17 Door opening detents 18 Fuel filler lid is Engine hood hinges 20 Engine haod latch 2 1 Select lever 11 Real brake shoe llflkago (drum brake) piston seal Dust seal t. 23 Caliber Caliper pm silicone grease Plslon Recommended Engine on (SE, SF or so Grade oill single. grade ’30 IO 0 IO ~20 0 20 30 40°C 20 40 50 SO 100°F Engine ull viscosny for ambient temperature ranges Recommended Manual Transmlssion on (SE or SF Glade oil) 20 0 20 40 ~30 20 lo 0 lo 60 BO 20 30 OOCF 40°C Transmission oil viscosity for ambient temperature ranges CAUTION: Uaed engine oil may cause 5 ‘n cancer if repeatedly left in contact with the skin for pm- longad periods. Although thi unlikely unless you handle used oil on a dain basis still advisable to thoroughly wash your hands wrdi eoap and water as soon as possible alter handling used oil. 4-2