Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 43

    Engine Tune-up ,— Coolant Level Inspection CAUTION 1 When Supplying coolantl be sure to shut lhe relay box lid and no! to let coolant spill on lhe elecuical parts or the painted pamon. If any coolant spllls, rinse ii of! immedialely. | Check whell‘ler [he Coolant level ln the Coolant reserc Vail lank Is between MAX~ and MIN. 2 Supply the coolant reservmr tank wllll coolant lo “MAX”, If lhe coolant level IS lower than MIN” or near to MIX. NOTE: 0 Use only HONDA-RECOMMENDED anurfreeze/ Cflolanlv o For best corrosmn protection, the coolant concen- tratlon must be maintained veanround at 50% MINIMUM, Coolant cancenlrallans less than 50% may not provide sufficient protection against carrot sion or freezing o Coolant concemralions greater than 60% WIlI impair cooling efficiency and are not recommended. CAUTION: o no not mlx dilferenl blind an ooze/coollnls. o no not ass a nddilional run inhl not; or ontirust aroducts; they may not be onlnputible with the recommonaoa coolant. Radiatuv Coolant Refill Capacity 2 Z (US at, imp qt) DOHC 4.5 (4V7,4.0l SOHC M/T 4 (4.63.9) SOHC A/T 4.3 (4.5,3.8l (Includlng the reservoir capacny : 0.4 1 lo-42 us qt, 0-35 Imp on) lg: l— Engine Oil Replacement 1, Warm up Khe engine, 2. Drain the engine on, CAUTION: Used engine oil may canto thin cancer it roputeoly hm In contact with tho skin lot pro< long-o porlods. Although this is unlikely unlon you handle and on on t o v basis. it is still ldvlsahla to thoroughly with your hood. with soup and wow u soon u posiiblo char handling luod oill NOTE: Remove the filler cap to speed draining OIL PAN DRAIN PLUG As N-m l4.s ko-m. cu Hut) 3 Reinstall the dram plug wlth a new washer. and refill with the recommended all, 5-3