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  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 45

    la a. lnslall me ail finer by hand. 4 Aha! fna rubbar seal is sealed, lighten ma oil filter clockwise warn are special tool, Tights /8 mm clockwlu. Tinhumnu mum: 22 N-m 12.2 kg—m, ls Ib-h) CAUTION: lnmllanan othnr than the above puma- aure could mun in 3 cu: ongina defect: duo n: oil lonkngo. OIL FILTER SOCKET o79l2—6110001 ENGINE OIL COOLER (Standard for some lvpesl Eight numbers 11 to E) are printed on the surface of lhe filter. The following explains the procedurc for tightening films using mesa numbers. I) Make a mark on the cylinder black under the number that shows at the bottom of the filter when the rubber seal is sealede 2) Tigmen me filler by turning .l clockwise seven numbers (mm the marked point, For example, if a mark is made under the number 2 when fhe rubber seal is seafed, ma filter should be light- and umil Ihe number 1 comes up the marked pDinl Number when rubber Number afrer frgnremng seal IS eeafsd Number when rubber seal is sealed Numberaflenighleninq 8 I Z 3 4 5 6 7 5. Ahev Installation. fill me engine with oil up to me specified level, run the engine for more man 3 mln- mes, man check for all leakage 5-5