Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 46

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 46

    Engine Tune-up Replacement Inspection l, Remove the air cleaner elemem. 2 Check the air cleans! elemenl for fouling, NOTE: No cleaning as necessary for the air cleaner elemenl, because its lillev takes in oil (. viscous lype), Repllu: every two years 0 The air cleaner element should be replaced more frequently on cars normally used under severe driving conditions. Replacement l Remove lhe air cleaner cover. Z-Carbulelud Engine: AIR CLEANER COVER 2 Replace khe element inslall the air cleaner cover and Iigmen the cllp, nu! or bolls securely. — Air Cleaner Element lnspection/ — — Drive Belts Inspection Driva Belle Dollamian: (When Ipplvlng a tee. of 98 N no kg, 22 Ihll ‘ Used Ball New Bell (DAllernamr Bell 3.07110 mm 7 ,DVBDmm (0.35-0 43in) 10,28v0,35in,l ® A/c Compremr 9.0 11.0 mm 7 079.0 mm Bell (0.35-0.43 in.) (0.28*O.35ln.i ©P/s Pump Bell 90—120mm 7.0-10,omm (01354.47 In.) (0. 8*Ol39in.) Measure with the bolt tension gauge: ‘ Used Belt New Bell 7 @Alxsmator Belt 294392 N 392-588 N 3040 kg 40760 kg (66-38 lb) (33,132 lb) A/CCompresser 343441 N 441*685N Eek (3545 kg) (4540 kg ) 77»99|b 99»154ll> © P/S Pump as 343490 N 44l7686 N Belt (as-sou) (4540 kg) 774mm 99-154: A/C COMPRESSD - CHANKSHAFT PULLEV 5-6