Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 50

  • Honda Civic 1990 ED9 ED6 Service Manual - Page 50

    Engine Tune-up —Valve Clearance Adjustment CAUTION: Do not oveflighlsn 0m locknuls, for the rock arms are made 0 aluminum. NOTE 0 Valves should be adjusted cold when lhe cylinder head temperature ls less than 3813 (IOO‘F), Adjuslment is the same for lnlalle and axhaus‘ valves 0 If pulley bolt brake loose while lurnlrlg crank, relorque il (0 ‘65 N‘m (16.5 kg-m,119|b-R), 1. Remove valve cover. INTAKE M02 No.3 Na 3 No.2 No.1 EXHAUST 2. sel No. 1 piston at TDC. “UP” mavk on me pulley should be av. lop, and mo grooves on ma pulley should align wnh cylinder head surace. The dlslribulor rolor mus( be poimrng (awards No. 1 plug ere. Numb 1 piston II TDC excap! 1.6!: 1 .6l: “UP” MARK “up” MARK GROOVE TDC GHOOVES TDC muvk llignod wilh me pointer on cylinder held back cover. 3. Aalusl valves on No.1 cyllnder. lnlake: 0.17—0.22 mm (cum—0.009 Exhaust: 0.22—0.27 mm (0.0094101 .) 4. Loosen locknur and lurn adjuslmem screw until leeler gauge slides back and lerrh wlth slighl amount cl drag. INTAKE Ind EXHAUST VALVE LOCKNUTS 7 x 0.75 mm 14 N~m (1,4 ku-m, 1o Ib-n) 5. Tighten locknut and check clearance again. Repear adlustmenl ll necessary. 6, Emma crankshaft 130° counterclockwise (cam pulley lurns 90°). The UP mark shauld be er exr haust side. Dislrlbuler rmor should point [0 Na. 3 plug wire, Adjust valves on No. 3 cylinder. Number 3 pislon n TDC except 1 l6! : 1.5!: GROOVES GROOVE 5-10