Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 14

    Towing Ii pnssible, always row the car with the from wheels off the ground. The tow truck driver should position wood spacer blocks between the cars frame and the chains and lih straps, to avoid damaging the bumper and the budv. Du not use the bumpers to lift the car or lo support the cars weight while lowing. Check local regulations lav towing. A rope may be attached to the hack shown in the illuslralion. Do not attach a tow bar to either bumper. Do not push or low a car to start it. The forward surge when the engine stuns could cause it collision. Also, under some conditions. the cotolytic converter could he damngad. If the car is to be towed with the hunt whools on the ground, observe the lollowing precautions: Shift the transmission to Nouusl and turn the ignition key to the “I” position. CAUTION: Do not axcand 55 kmlh (35 mph) or tow for distances 0 man than 80 km (50 miles]. @ j TOWING HDDKS 1-8