Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 15

  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 15

    Preparation of Work v 3 Special Caution Items For This Car 1 . ALB piping sysrern servicing (KE model Inrsome rypes) - Disassemble rhe ALB piping sysreni alier relieve rhe high-pressured brake Iluid. omerwise, IhE high-pressured bvake fluid will bum our and iris very dangerous. See seclinn 13 how to relieve ihe hiphpressureu bmke fluid. ALB T-WRENCH D7HAA—SGUOl DD 2. Fuel Line Servicing - fillievl luel pressure by loasening the service bolt plovlded on the lap at the fuel filler belore discon- neeling a fuel hose or e luel pipe. SERVICE BOLT ‘ mu N‘m (1.2 ken-l. s lb~m SHOP TOWEL FUEL FILTER Be sure In replace washers. D-rings. and rubber seals wiIh new ones when servicing fuel line pans. Always apply nil in rhe surlaees ol O-rings and seal rings belole insrallarinn. Never use brake fluid. ladiamr lluid, vegerable oils clr alcnhulbased ails. ®0 o-RING CUSHION RING ® FUEL INJECTOR RUBBER SEAL - When assembling [he llale joinl oi rhe high- DIESSUIE Iuel line, clean Ihe join! and cual wilh new engine oil. ‘ wnen insralling an injecror. check me angle ol me :Dnnecmr. The cenlsr line of me conneclor should align wilh Ihe seumg mark on [he inlemm hpluer. FUEL PIPE SEWING MARKS 3. Inspeclion lor fuel leakage - Ahel assembling IIIEI line pans, lurn ON [he igniliun swllth (do no! opzrale [he slaner) so lhal [he “12 pump is uperaxed DV approxlmalely two secunds and me luel is pressurized. Repeal rhis pperaliun we or ihree limes and check wherher any Iuel leakage has Dctunefl in any 0 [he various polnls in [he luel IlnE. lconldl 1-9