Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 19

  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 19

    When new type connectors are used, connection and disconnection of them should be done paying attention to the lollowing precautions. I Because all the connectors except terminal of 1»P are equipped with push-down tvpe locks. unlock them first before disconnecting the connectors. o On the connectors installed on the bracket a pull type lock is equipped between the bracket and the connector. Some connectors of this type can not he discon- nected unless they are removed lrorn their bracketst When disconnecting. check their shapes. 0 On the bracket mounted connector with dual lacks. remove the connector irom the bracket betore disconnecting. LOCKING FAWL Pull to disengage BRACKET 0 Push the locking tab to disconnect. LOCKING TABS (centd) 1-13