Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 20

  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 20

    Preparation of Work —— Electrical (contd) 0 Pull the locking tab to remove the connector [mm the bracket. BRACKET CONNECTOR I When disconnecting locks, first press in the connec- tor tightly (to provide clearance to the locking device], then operate the tab lully and remove the connector in the designated manner. LOCKlNG PAWL «5-» _ 0 When disconnecting a connectarr pull it all item the mating connector by holding on both connectors 0 Never try to disconnect connectors by pulling on their wires‘ 0 GOOD % NO GOOD x No GOOD I Place the plastic cover over the mating connector alter reconnecting. Also check that the cover is not distorted. I Before connecting connectors, check to see that the terminals are in place and not bent or distorted. NO GOOD X 32$ I Ocean 0 Check let loose retainer and rubber seals, The illustration shows examples 0! terminal and seal abnormality. _ NO GOOD 9? RETAINER «:4 0 Example cl waterprooi connector: RUBBER SEAL X NDGDOD RETAINER NO GOOD x RUBBER SEAL 1-14