Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 21

  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 21

    GOOD NO coop 0 After clamping. check each harness to be certain lhal it is not interlering with any moving or sliding parts at the vehicle. 0 Keep wire harnesses away (tom the exhaust pipes and other hol parts. )- Always keep a sate distance between wire harnesses and any heated pans. Keep surticienr distance! I 0 Do not bring wire harnesses in direct Contact with sharp edges or corners. 0 Also avoid EDHIBEI with the projected ends oi bolrs. screws and other iasleners. 0 Route harnesses se they are not pulled taut or slackened excessively. /x NO GOOD O soon 0 Protect wires and harnesses with a lap: or a lube ii they are in contact with e sharp edge or corner. firm ._ _ .1.- 0 Clean the attaching surlace thoroughly ii an adhesive is used. First. wipe with solvent or alcohol if necessary. GOOD NO GOOD 0 X (cont‘d) 1-15