Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 46

  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 46

    Lubrication Points No. LUBRICATION POINTS LUBRICANT ‘ Engine API Service Grade: SE, SF Dr 56 10W—30 SAE Viscosily: See Chan below 2 Transmission Manual API Service Grade: SE or SF SAE Vismsily: 52: ohm below 3 Brake line (ALE line for ALB models) Brake fluid DOT 3 or DDT d 4 Shih lever pivol Silicone grease with molybdenum disullide 5 Till steering 6 Sleering ball joinls 7 Suspensiun ball iainls a sreering heels 9 Steering gearbox 10 Steering column bushings 11 Pedal linkage Multi- purpose Grease 12 Brake masler cylinder push rod 13 Tailgale hinges 14 Door hinges upper and lower v ) _ 15 Door opening delenls ‘ 16 Fuel liller lid 17 Engine hand hinges 18 Engine hood lalch Piston seal - Dusi seal .I. 19 Cancer Caliper pin 5- Ioone Grease Piston Recommended Engine Oll fiscammendad Manual Transmission Oil (SE. SF or SG Grade 10W—30 only) (SE or SF Grade oil) l l zaw—ru, zow—so l l Emma:- 40-20-10 ° ‘0 2° 3° 40:5 “) . _ Transmission uil viscosily lor ambienl lernperalure ranges ~20 O 20 do 60 BO 100=F ~_‘_‘_e_._%e_. cnunon: Used engine oil may cause skin cancer ir repealadly [ah in cnnlacl wilh lha skin «or pro- —:ro ~20 -la 10 20 30 40°C longed periods. Alihough [his is unlikely unless you -20 0 10 40‘ 50 so macs handle used uil on a daily basis. it is slill advisable Engine 0” viscosiw for to thoroughly wash your hands wilh soap and water as soon as possible after handling used oil. ambient lemperalure ranges