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  • Honda Civic 1990 VTEC Service Manual - Page 48

    Maintenance Schedule Service at the interval listedx 1 000 km (or miles) or ether R—Replace |—Inspect. After inspection, clean. that number of months, whichever comes first. adjust, repair or replace if necessary. x 1,000 km 20 40 60 80 100 ITEM 1 1,000 miles 12 24 36 43 60 months ‘2 24 36 4B 60 ldle speed and idle CO I l I l idle speed and idle co Valve clearance Rocker arms Alternator drive belt Timing belt Water pump lEngine oil and oil filter Replace every 10.000 km (3,000 miles) or 6 months ITransmission oil R R lfisdistor coolant Rn Cooling system hoses and connections Air cleaner element (fiscuus type] Fuel litter Tank, luel line and connections _zx_ R R I Evepnrative emissiun control svslem ignition timing and control system ignition timing and control system“ Spark plugs an: El! Distributor cap and rotor Distributor cap and rotor Ignitien wi ng“ Ignition wiring“ Positive crankcase ventilation valve Positive crankcase ventilation valve I: These service intervals assume routine checking and replenishment has been done, as needed. by the customer. ‘ 1 Thereafter, replace every 2 years or 40,000 km (24,000 miles). whichever comes lirst. #2 Far KS type, replace every 2 years or 40.000 km (24,000 miles). *3 Except KS, KX model #4 KS, KX model 4-4 whichever EDITIES first after 30,000 km (13,000 miles).