Parking Brake Cable Replacement

Exploded View


  • The parking brake cables must not be bent or distorted. This will lead to stiff operation and premature failure.
  • Refer to the Exploded View as needed during this procedure.

1.Raise the rear of the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported.

2.Release the parking brake lever fully. Move the driver's seat (RHD: assistant seat) all the way forward.

3.Pull back the carpet on the floor at the under the seat. Remove the screw and bolt for the parking brake equalizer cover (A).


4.Remove the return spring (A).


5.Back off the adjusting nut (A) in the equalizer, and disconnect the parking brake cable ends (B) from the equalizer.


6.Remove the cable guide base (C).

7.Remove the rear brake shoes, and disconnect the parking brake cable from the shoe.

8.Remove the flange bolts (A) and parking brake cable (B) from the backing plate (C).


9.Reinstall the parking brake cable in revers order of removal, and note these item.