Brake Pedal and Brake Pedal Position Switch Adjustment

Pedal Height

1.Turn the brake pedal position switch (A) counterclockwise, and pull it back until it is no longer touching the brake pedal.

2.Lift up the carpet. At the insulator cutout, measure the pedal height (B) from the middle of the pedal pad (C).

Standard Pedal Height (with carpet removed):
173 mm (6.81 in.) Min. 


3.Loosen the pushrod locknut (A), and screw the pushrod in or out with pliers until the standard pedal height from the floor is reached. After adjustment, tighten the locknut firmly. Do not adjust the pedal height with the pushrod pressed.


4.Push in the brake pedal position switch until its plunger is fully pressed (threaded end (A) touching the pad (B) on the pedal arm). Then, turn the switch 45° clockwise to lock it. The gap between the brake pedal position switch and the pad is automatically adjusted to 0.7 mm (0.03 in.) by locking the switch. Make sure the brake lights go off when the pedal is released.


5.Check the brake pedal free play as described below.

Pedal Free Play

1.With the engine off, inspect the play (A) on the pedal pad (B) by pushing the pedal by hand.

Free Play: 1-5 mm (0.04-0.2 in.) 


2.If the pedal free play is out of specification, adjust the brake pedal position switch (C). If the pedal free play is insufficient, it may result in brake drag.