Second Row Seat Belt Replacement

NOTE: Check the second row seat belts for damage, and replace them if necessary. Be careful not to damage them during removal and installation.

Second Row Lap Belt/Second Row Seat Belt Buckle

1.Remove the second row seat, refer to the '02 CR-V Shop Manual, PIN 62S9A00

2.Remove the seat cushion cover with the seat cushion pad from the seat cushion frame, refer to the '02 CR-V Shop Manual, PIN 62S9A00, right second row seat ,left second row seat.

3.Remove the anchor bolts(A), then remove the second row lap belt(B) and second row seat belt buckles(C). The right second row seat is shown, the left second row seat is similar.


4.Install the lap belt and buckle in the reverse order of removal, and make sure there are no twists or kinks in the lap belt and buckle.