Front Fender Fairing Replacement

1.Remove the front inner fender as necessary.

2.For the left front fender fairing removal, remove the washer reservoir.

3.Open the front door. From outside the door, remove the upper clip, and from inside the door, remove the lower clip securing the front fender fairing (A) and front fender (B).


4.From the wheel arch, remove the clip (A), and release the clip (B), then remove the front fender fairing (C).If the fairing is caught by the side turn signal light harness, disconnect the connector (D).


5.Install the fender fairing in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Replace any damaged clips.
  • Before installing the clips of the door upper and lower portions, install the front fender fairing (A) to the front fender (B) properly as shown.