High Mount Brake Light Bracket/Wire Harness Trim Replacement

  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  • Place the hatch glass on the protective seat to prevent damage.
  • Do not damage the rear window defogger grid lines and terminals.

1.Remove the hatch glass.

2.Cut the adhesive portions of the high-mount brake light brackets (A) and wire harness trim (B) with a utility knife, then remove them. Take care not to scratch the hatch glass (C).


3.Use a putty knife to scrape off all of the old adhesive and adhesive tape from the hatch glass. Clean the inside face of the hatch glass with isopropyl alcohol where new bracket and trim are to be installed. Make sure the bonding surface is kept free of water, oil, and grease.

4.Apply primer (YOKOHAMA RUBBER MS-90, or equivalent) to the inside face of the hatch glass (A):

  • Be sure the primer lines up with the alignment marks (B).
  • Be careful not to touch the hatch glass where primer will be applied.


5.Apply primer (SAKAI CHEMISTRY SL-8861, or equivalent) to the back of the high-mount brake light brackets (C).

6.Glue the brackets to the hatch glass with urethane adhesive, and glue the trim (D) to the hatch glass with the adhesive tape (E). Be sure the brackets and trim line up with the alignment marks.

7.Scrape or wipe the excess adhesive off with a putty knife or towel. To remove adhesive from the hatch glass, use a soft shop towel dampened with alcohol.

8.Let the adhesive dry for at least 1 hour.

9.Reinstall the hatch glass.