Door Lower Trim Replacement


1.Open the front or rear door fully, remove the maintenance cap (A) from the door, then remove the screw.


2.For rear door lower trim removal, close the rear door half-way.

3.Slide the door lower trim (A) forward and remove it. Clips (B, C) will stay in the body.


4.Remove the clips (B, C) from the body.

5.Replace any damaged clips.

6.Reinstall the clips (B, C) on the door lower trim, then secure the middle clip (front door) (C) or the front clip (rear door) (C) with the screw you removed in step 1. Make sure the clips are not upside down.

7.Hold the trim up, and fit all the clips into the holes in the door, then push on the trim until the clips snap into place.

8.Install the maintenance cap on the door.