Tailgate Lower Trim Replacement


1.Remove these items:

2.Remove the spare tyre holder (A).


3.Open the tailgate, then remove the bolt securing the tailgate lower trim.


4.For some models: Disconnect the license light connector (A), detach the harness clip (B), then pull out the grommet (C).


5.Pull out along the bottom of the tailgate lower trim (A) to detach the lower clips (B). While pinching the upper clips (C) from inside the tailgate, remove the tailgate lower trim. If equipped, pull the license light harness (D) out from inside the tailgate.


6.If necessary, remove the clips as shown, and remove the stiffener (A). And if applicable, remove the screws to remove the license cover (B).


7.Install the trim in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Replace all the spare tyre holder mounting nuts as new ones.
  • Replace any damaged clips.