Tailgate Latch Replacement


1.Remove the tailgate lower trim panel

2.Remove the tailgate latch (A).

-1 Disconnect the tailgate rod (B) and cylinder rod (C).
-2 Disconnect the actuator connector (D).
-3 Remove the screws securing the latch.
-4 Remove the latch through the hole in the tailgate.Take care not to bend the tailgate rod and cylinder rod.


3.Install the latch in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Make sure the actuator connector is plugged in properly, and each rod is connected securely.
  • If the tailgate rod (A) was disconnected at the upper end (the tailgate stopper assembly side), reconnect it with its lower end on the bottom of a hole in the lever (B).
  • Make sure the tailgate locks and opens properly.