Taillight Replacement

1.Open the tailgate.

2.Remove the rear side trim panel.

3.Disconnect the 6P connector (A) from the taillight.

4.Remove the mounting bolt covers from the taillight.

5.Remove the mounting bolts from the taillight.

Brake/Taillght: 21/5 W 
Back-up Light: 21 W 
Rear Turn Signal Light: 21 W 
Taillight: 5 W or 3 CP 
Rear Fog Light: 21 W 


6.Pull the taillight away from the body to disengage the three clips (C).

7.Remove the taillight harness grommet (D) from the body.
Pull the harness and the 6P connector out of the body, and disconnect the connector. Remove the taillight.

8.Turn the bulb socket 45° counterclockwise to remove the bulb socket.

9.Install the taillight in the reverse order of removal and run water over it to make sure it does not leak.