Sunroof Drain Channel Slider and Cable Assembly Replacement

1.Remove the frame.

2.Remove these parts from the frame:

3.Put on gloves to protect your hands. From both sides of the frame (A), remove the screws (B, C), then remove the slide stops (D) and cable tube rear brackets (E), and remove the cable tube side bracket mounting bolts (F) and the cable tube mounting screws (G).


4.From the driver's side, detach the sunroof connector (H) from the frame.

5.Remove the cable tube side brackets (I) and cable tubes (J) from both sides of the frame.

6.Pivot the glass bracket (A) down by sliding the link lifter (B) back, then slide both glass brackets back with the link lifter.


7.Slide the cable assembly (A) and both glass brackets (B) back, then remove them from the frame (C).


8.Remove the drain channel sliders (A) from the glass brackets (B) on both sides.


9.Install the slider and cable assembly in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Damaged parts should be replaced.
  • Apply multipurpose grease to the glass bracket (A) and guide rail portion of the frame (B) indicated by the arrows.
  • Before reinstalling the motor, make sure both link lifters are parallel, and in the fully closed position.
  • Before reinstalling the motor, install the frame and glass, then check the opening drag.