Front Seat-back Cover Replacement (Except KZ/PH/FO/IN/MA)

For some models: SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations, and the precautions and procedures, before performing repairs or service.

  • Take care not to tear the seams or damage the seat covers.
  • On the passenger's seat with side airbag, do not touch the OPDS sensor in the seat-back pad, and keep it away from oil. Oil can corrode the sensor causing it to fail.
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.

Seat-back Cover

1.Remove the front seat.

2.If equipped, remove the armrest.

3.With side airbag: From under the seat cushion, detach the side airbag connector clip (A), and from under the passenger's eat cushion on some RHD models, detach the seat sub harness connector clip (B). Release the hook springs (C), pull the seat cushion cover (D) back, then remove the harness bands (E). The passenger's seat on RHD model is shown, and the passenger's seat on LHD model is symmetrical except it has no OPDS unit.

Driver's (LHD): 

Passenger's (RHD): 

4.Fold the seat-back forward.

5.With side airbag: Release the hooks (A), and unzip the seat-back cover (B).


6.Turn over the seat back cover (A), release the inside springs (B) and hooks (C). Pull the side airbag harness, and if equipped, the OPDS unit harness out through the holes (D) in the seat-back cover.


7.With side airbag: Remove the side airbag, and release the hooks (A) from the airbag module holder (B).


8.Pull out the headrest guides (A) while pinching the end of the guides, and remove them.


9.Pull back the seat-back cover all the way around, then remove it.

10.Install the cover in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • To prevent wrinkles when installing a seat-back cover, make sure the material is stretched evenly over the pad before securing the clips, hooks, and inside springs.
  • Make sure the side airbag harness is routed properly.
  • If necessary, reinitialize the OPDS control unit.