Rear Seat Removal/Installation


1.Remove the headrests. Fold the seat-back forward, and slide the rear seat backward fully.

2.Remove the front seat track end covers from the front of both seat tracks.


3.Unlock the rear seat and tip it up, then remove the rear seat track end covers from the back of both seat tracks. If the seat cannot be unlocked by pulling the strap, make the holes (A) in the back of both seat tracks as shown. Insert a flat-tip screwdriver over 100 mm (3.94 in.) through holes, and push both levers (B) to unlock the seat.


4.While holding the rear seat (A) up, remove the mounting bolt (B, C, D).


5.With the help of an assistant, remove the rear seat (A) through the door opening.

6.Install the rear seat in the reverse order of removal.