Security Alarm System Description

Security Alarm System

The security alarm system is armed automatically after the doors, hood, and trunk or tailgate are closed and locked. The security indicator on the gauge assembly flashes after the system is armed.

The system is set off when any of these things occur.

When the system is set off, the alarm sounds and the exterior lights (headlights, parking lights and taillights: FO model or turn signal lights: except (FO model) flash for 2 minutes (FO model) or 30 seconds (Except FO model) or until the system is disarmed by unlocking either door with the key or the transmitter.

For the system to arm, the ignition switch must be off and the key removed. Then, the security control unit must receive signals that the doors, hood, and trunk lid or tailgate are closed and locked. When everything is closed and locked, none of the control unit inputs are grounded.

The door switches, hood switch, trunk latch switch or tailgate latch switch, door lock knob switches, and door lock key cylinder switches are all open,. 10 seconds after the doors are locked with the key or the lock knob, or immediately after locking the doors with the remote transmitter, the system arms.

If anything is opened or improperly unlocked after the system is armed, the control unit gets a ground signal from that switch, and the system is set off.

If one of the switches is misadjusted or there is a short in the system, the system will not arm. As long as the control unit continues to get a ground signal, it thinks the vehicle is not closed and locked and will not arm.

An alarm that sounds for no apparent reason may have been set off by switch that is on the threshold of misadjustment. In this case, it may only take a significant change in outside temperature, the vibration of a passing truck, or someone bumping into the vehicle to make the alarm sound.