Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box Connector Locations

Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box
Socket Ref Terminal Connects to 
Dashboard wire harness 
Dashboard wire harness 
14 Dashboard wire harness 
12 ECM/PCM wire herness 
13 ECM/PCM wire herness 
19 12 Engine compartment wire harness 
10 Engine compartment wire harness 
Engine compartment wire harness 
20 Engine compartment wire harness 
21 Engine compartment wire harness 
23 17 Dashboard wire harness 
24 10 Dashboard wire harness 
22 12 Dashboard wire harness 
27 Dashboard wire harness 
26 12 Dashboard wire harness 
18 ECM/PCM wire herness 
ECM/PCM wire herness 
10 ECM/PCM wire herness 
Power window relay 12  
25 Dashboard wire harness 
Starter cut relay 14  
18 Multiplex control unit service check connector 
Taillight relay 13  
Turn signal/hazard relay 11  
15 Optional connector 
16 Optional connector 
W (Memory erase signal (MES) connector) 17 ECM/PCM wire herness 
28 Dashboard wire harness B (Plugs directly into the multiplex control unit) 
29 13 Dashboard wire harness A (Plugs directly into the multiplex control unit)