Rear Window Molding Replacement


1.Remove the hatch glass.

2.Remove the hatch glass hinges from both sides of the hatch glass.

3.Remove the molding (A) from the upper edge of the hatch glass (B). If necessary, cut the molding with a utility knife.


4.Use a putty knife to scrape off all of the adhesive from the hatch glass. Clean the upper edge of the hatch glass with isopropyl alcohol where new molding will be installed. After cleaning, keep oil, grease, and water from getting on the surface.

5.Apply primer (YOKOHAMA RUBBER MS-90, or equivalent) to the upper edge of the hatch glass (A). Be careful not to touch the hatch glass where primer will be applied.


6.Apply primer (SAKAI CHEMISTRY SL-8861, or equivalent) to the entire groove of the molding (A), and run a bead of urethane adhesive (B) in the groove of the molding.


7.Align the edge of the molding (A) with the corner edge of the hatch glase (B), and glue the molding.


8.Scrape or wipe the excess adhesive off with a putty knife or towel. To remove adhesive from the hatch glass, wipe with a soft shop towel dampened with alcohol.

9.Let the adhesive dry for at least 1 hour.

10.Reinstall the hatch glass hinges.

11.Reinstall the hatch glass.