Security Alarm System Function Test - Ultrasonic System

Ultrasonic sensor

1.Open the driver's window.

2.Close all doors.

3.Lock the doors with the transmitter or the key cylinder.

  • The hazard warning lights and the security indicator brink.

4.Wait 25 seconds for activate the security system.

5.Put your hand into the cabin.

  • If the siren sounds and hazard warning lights brink, go to 6.
  • If the system siren doesn't sound and the hazard warning lights don't brink, replace the ultrasonic sensor.

Internal battery of alarm control siren

6.Open the hood.

7.Disconnect the terminals from the battery.

  • If the siren sounds continuously, internal battery is OK.
  • If the siren turns off, replace alarm control siren.

  • The alarm control siren is self powered system with internal Ni-MH battery back-up. If the voltage of vehicle's battery drops, the alarm control siren works properly.
  • If the drivers lock knob is pushed before the door is closed, the buzzer sounds 1 time and the security alarm system goes into partial arm mode. The security alarm system works without ultrasonic sensor in partial arm mode.