Ultrasonic Sensor Input Test/Replacement

1.Turn the spotlights switch off.

2.Carefully pry off the lens (A) and roof console cover (B) with a small screwdriver.

3.Remove the four mounting screws (C).

4.Disconnect the 4P connector (D) from the ultrasonic intrusion sensor.


5.Inspect the connector and socket terminals to be sure they are all making good contact.

  • If the terminals are bend, loose or corroded, repair them as necessary, and recheck the system.
  • If the terminals look OK, go to 6.

6.Make these input tests at the connector.

  • If any test indicates a problem, find and correct the cause, then recheck the system.
  • If all the input tests prove OK, the ultrasonic sensor must be faulty, replace it.

Cavity Wire Test condition Test: Desired result Possible cause if result is not obained 
WHT/RED Under All Conditions Check for continuity to ground:
There should be continuity. 
  • Blown No. 9 (10A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box
  • An open in the wire
RED Under All Conditions Check for continuity between the No. 2 terminal and the No. 4 terminal of the alarm control siren:
There should be battery. 
  • An open in the wire
BLK Under All Conditions Check for voltage to ground:
There should be battery. 
  • Poor ground (G510)
  • An open in the wire