Rear Differential Installation

1.Install the rear differential mount assembly A (A) to the rear differential assembly (B).


2.Jack up the rear differential.

3.Install the new set rings (A) on to the driveshafts, then install the driveshaft into the rear differential.


4.Lift the rear differential up into position, then push on both driveshafts to lock the set rings into place. Connect the breather tube (B).

5.Install the plates (A) and torque the rear differential mount assembly mounting bolts (B).


6.Install the right and left rear differential mount brackets B (A) then torque the bolts (B) and damper (C).


7.Install the EVAP canister assembly with bracket.

8.Install the No. 2 propeller shaft (A) onto the rear differential (B) by aligning the reference mark (C). Be sure to use new mounting bolts (D).


9.Fill the rear differential with the specified amount of DPSF.