A/T Park Lever Stop Inspection and Adjustment

1.Set the park lever in the [P] position.

2.Measure the distance (A) between the park pawl shaft (B) and the park lever roller pin (C).

STANDARD: 57.7-58.7 mm (2.27-2.31 in.) 


3.If the measurement is out of standard, select and install the appropriate park lever stop (A) from the table below.


Mark Part Number 
24537-PA9-003 11.00 mm (0.433 in.) 11.00 mm (0.433 in.) 
24538-PA9-003 10.80 mm (0.425 in.) 10.65 mm (0.419 in.) 
24539-PA9-003 10.60 mm (0.417 in.) 10.30 mm (0.406 in.) 

4.After replacing the park lever stop, make sure the distance is within tolerance.