A/T Housing and Shaft Assemblies Removal

Exploded View -4WD


Exploded View -2WD


Special Tools Required
Housing puller (  07HAC-PK40102)

Snap ring pliers (  07LGC-0010100)

NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View as needed during the following procedure.

1.Remove the ATF feed pipe from the idler gear shaft, and the ATF lubrication pipe from the transmission housing.

2.Remove the shift solenoid valve cover (A), dowel pins (B), and gasket (C).


3.Remove the bolt (A) securing the solenoid harness connector (B), and remove the connector.


4.Disconnect the connectors from the shift solenoid valves.

5.Remove the mainshaft and countershaft speed sensors.

6.Remove the transmission housing mounting bolts, hanger, and harness clamp brackets.

7.Align the spring pin (A) on the control shaft (B) with the transmission housing groove (C) by turning the control shaft.

NOTE: Do not squeeze the end of the control shaft tips together when turning the shaft. If the tips are squeezed together it will cause a faulty signal or position due to the play between the control shaft and the switch.


8.With expanding the snap ring of the secondary shaft bearing using the snap ring pliers, lift the transmission housing. Release the snap ring pliers, and remove the transmission housing.

9.Remove the countershaft reverse gear and needle bearing.

10.Remove the lock bolt securing the shift fork, then remove the shift fork with the reverse selector together.

11.Remove the control lever from the control shaft.

12.Unhook the detent spring (A) from the detent arm (B).


13.Remove the control shaft (A).


14.Remove the mainshaft sub-assembly (A), countershaft sub-assembly (B), and secondary shaft sub-assembly (C) together.


15.Remove the differential assembly.

16.Remove the transfer assembly for 4WD model.