A/T Shift Lever Installation

1.Install the shift lever assembly.

NOTE: The illustration shows LHD model; RHD is symmetrical.


2.Turn the ignition switch ON (II), and verify that the [R] position indicator comes on.

3.If necessary, push the shift cable until it stops, then release it. Pull the shift cable back one step so that the shift cable is in [R]. Do not hold the shift cable guide (A) to adjust the shift cable (B).


4.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

5.Insert a 6.0 mm (0,24 in.) pin (A) into the positioning hole (B) on the shift lever bracket base through the positioning hole (C) on the shift lever. The shift lever is secured in [R] position.


6.Rotate the socket holder (A) on the shift cable (B) to face the tab (C) on the holder opposite to the opening (D) in the socket holder bracket (E). Align the holder with the opening the bracket, then slide the holder into the bracket. Rotate the holder a quarter turn to secure the shift cable. Do not install the shift cable by twisting the shift cable guide (F) and damper (G).

LHD Model: 

RHD Model: 

7.Install the shift cable end (A) in the shift cable end holder (B). Keep the shift cable end and end holder free of grease.


8.Install the new shift cable lock (A) to secure the shift cable end and shift cable end holder, then push the lock tab (B) up unitil it stops to lock the joint.


9.Remove the 6.0 mm (0.24 in.) pin that was installed to hold the shift lever.

10.Connect the O/D switch/shift lock solenoid/park pin switch connector.

11.Move the shift lever to each gear, and verify that the A/T gear position indicator follows the transmission range switch.

12.Install the dashboard gauge assembly cover, driver's dashboard lower cover, heater control panel, front console box, and ash tray.