Valve Bodies and ATF Strainer Removal

Exploded View

NOTE: The illustration shows the 4WD transmission; the 2WD is similar. 

NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View as needed during the following procedure.

1.Remove the ATF feed pipes from the regulator valve body, and servo body.

2.Remove the ATF strainer (two bolts).

3.Remove the servo body (13 bolts), then remove the separator plate and dowel pins (two).

4.Remove the ATF joint pipes (one bolt) from the regulator valve body.

5.Remove the regulator valve body (seven bolts).

6.Remove the stator shaft and stator shaft stop.

7.Remove the regulator separator plate and dowel pins (two).

8.Remove the cooler check valve spring and valve from the main valve body, then remove the main valve body (three bolts). Do not let the check balls fall out.

9.Remove the ATF pump driven gear shaft, then remove the ATF pump gears.

10.Remove the main separator plate and dowel pins (two).

11.Clean the inlet opening (A) of the ATF strainer (B) thoroughly with compressed air, then check that it is in good condition and that the inlet opening is not clogged.


12.Test the ATF strainer by pouring clean ATF through the inlet opening, and replace it if it is clogged or damaged.