A/T Selector Hub and 4th Gear Collar Installation

Special Tools Required
Driver 40 mm I.D. (  07746-0030100)

Driver attachment, 35 mm I.D. (  07746-0030400)

K20A4 and K20A5 Engine Models

NOTE: Some reverse selector hubs and 4th gear collars are not press-fitted, and can be installed without using the special tools and a press.

1.Assemble the 2nd gear, 1st gear, 3rd gear, distance collar ,and 31 x 50 x 18.5 mm collar on the countershaft, and secure them with the set ring.

2.Install the 4th gear collar (A) with the special tools and a press.


3.Install the needle bearing and 4th gear.

4.Install the reverse selector hub (A) with the special tool and a press.