Cylinder Head Removal


1.Drain the engine coolant.

2.Relieve fuel pressure.

3.Disconnect the fuel feed hose.

4.Remove the drive belt.

5.Remove the intake manifold.

6.Remove the water bypass hose (A).


7.Remove the exhaust manifold.

8.Remove the cam chain.

9.Remove the engine wire harness connectors and wire harness clamps from the cylinder head.
  • Four injector connectors
  • Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor connector
  • Top Dead Center (TDC) sensor connector
  • Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor connector

10.Remove the upper radiator hose (A) and heater hose (B).


11.Remove the harness holder (A) from the bracket, then remove the connecting pipe mounting bolt (B) and brake booster vacuum line mounting bolts (C).


12.Remove the rocker arm assembly.

13.Remove the cylinder head bolts. To prevent warpage, unscrew the bolts in sequence 1/3 turn at a time; repeat the sequence until all bolts are loosened.


14.Remove the cylinder head.