Crankshaft Pulley Removal and Installation

Special Tools Required
Handle (  07JAB-0010200)

Pulley holder attachment, HEX 50 mm (  07JAB-0010400)
Socket wrench, 19 mm (  07JAA-0010200)


1.Remove front tires/wheels.

2.Remove the splash shield.

3.Hold the pulley with handle (A) and holder attachment (B).


4.Remove the bolt with a 19 mm socket (C) and breaker bar.


1.Clean the crankshaft pulley (A), crankshaft (B), bolt (C), and washer (D). Lubricate as shown below.


2.Install the crankshaft pulley, and hold the pulley with handle (A) and holder attachment (B).


3.Tighten the bolt to 245 N·m (25.0 kgf·m, 181 lbf·ft) with a torque wrench and 19 mm socket (C). Do not use an impact wrench.

4.Install the splash shield.

5.Install front tires/wheels.