Engine Oil Pan Removal

1.If the engine is still in the vehicle, remove the sub-frame.

-1 Drain the engine oil.
-2 Attach the chain hoist to the engine.
-3 Disconnect the suspension lower arm ball joints.
-4 Remove the rear mount mounting bolts.
-5 Remove the front mount mounting bolt.
-6 Remove the ATF filter mounting bolt (A/T).
-7 Use a marker to make alignment marks on the reference lines that align with the centers of the rear sub-frame mounting bolts. Remove the front sub-frame.

2.Remove the stiffener (K24A1 engine M/T).


3.Remove the bolts/nuts securing the oil pan.

4.Drive an oil pan seal cutter between the oil pan and cylinder block.


5.Cut the oil pan seal by striking the side of the cutter to slide the cutter along the oil pan.


6.Remove the oil pan.