Steering Gearbox Removal

Special Tools Required
Ball joint remover, 28 mm (  07MAC-SL00200)

Note these items during removal:

1.Raise the front of vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported.

2.Remove the front wheels.

3.Remove the driver's airbag and the steering wheel.

4.Remove the driver's dashboard lower cover and under cover.

5.Remove the steering joint bolts, and disconnect the steering joint by moving the steering joint (A) toward the column.


6.Remove the air cleaner (A).


7.Remove the cotter pin (A) from the tie-rod ball joint nut (B), and loosen the nut.


8.Separate the tie-rod ball joint and damper steering arm using the special tool.

9.Loosen the adjustable hose clamp (A) and disconnect the return hose (B), and return line clamp (RHD model) (C).



10.On the driver's side, loosen the 14 mm flare nut (A) and disconnect the feed line (B), and feed line clamps (C).
Remove the P/S return line bracket attaching bolt (LHD model) (D).



11.On the passenger's side, remove the P/S return line bracket (A) and return line clamp (B).


12.Remove the two 10 mm flange bolts and washers from the left side (RHD: right side) of gearbox.


13.Remove the 10 mm flange bolt and nut from the right side (RHD: left side) of the gearbox, then remove the mounting bracket (A).


14.Lower the steering gearbox, and rotate it so the pinion shaft points upward.

15.Remove the pinion shaft grommet (A) from the top of the valve body unit.


16.Carefully move the steering gearbox (A) and tie-rods (B) as an assembly toward the driver's side until the pinion shaft clears the wheelwell opening (C) on the frame.


17.Remove the steering gearbox through the wheelwell opening on the driver's side.