Steering Rack Guide Adjustment

Special Tools Required
Locknut wrench, 40 mm (  07MAA-SL00100)

1.Set the wheels in the straight ahead position.

2.Vehicle's with RHD; remove the air cleaner. Then remove the heat shield (A) to upward. Be carefuly not to damage the heater hoses.


3.Loosen the rack guide screw locknut (A) with the special tool, then remove the rack guide screw (B).


4.Remove the old sealant from rack guide screw, and apply new sealant to the middle of the threads (C). Loosely install the rack guide screw on the steering gearbox.


5.Tighten the rack guide screw (A) to 25 N·m (2.5 kgf·m, 18 lbf·ft), then loosen it.


6.Retighten the rack guide screw to 6 N·m (0.6 kgf·m, 4 lbf·ft), then back it off to specified angle.

Specified Return Angle: 20° Max. 

7.Hold the rack guide screw stationary with a wrench, and tighten the locknut by hand until it's fully seated.

8.Install the special tool on the locknut (B), and hold the rack guide screw (A) stationary with a wrench.
Tighten the locknut an additional 30° with the special tool.

9.Vehicle's with RHD; reinstall the heat shield and air cleaner.

10.Check for unusual steering effort through the complete turning travel.

11.Check the steering wheel rotation play and the power assist.