DTC Troubleshooting: 13-3, 14-3

DTC 13-3:  No Signal from the Driver's Side Impact Sensor (With OPDS unit model)
DTC 14-3:  No Signal from the Right Side Impact Sensor (Without OPDS unit model)

Special Tools Required
SRS inflator simulator (  07SAZ-TB4011A)

SRS simulator lead H (  07YAZ-S3A0100)

1.Erase the DTC memory.

2.Turn the ignition switch ON (II), and check that the SRS indicator comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes off.

Does the SRS indicator stay on?

YES - Go to 3.

NO - Intermittent failure, system is OK at this time. Go to Troubleshooting Intermittent Failures.

3.Turn the ignition switch OFF. Disconnect the battery negative cable, and wait for 3 minutes.

4.Check the connection between the IDi connector and the driver's (right) side impact sensor.

Is the connection OK?

YES - Go to 5.

NO - Replace the driver's (right) side impact sensor.n

5.Disconnect the SDo and SPo connectors (1).


6.Disconnect the IDi connector (1) from the driver's (right) side impact sensor (A).


7.Connect the special tool (jumper connector) to the IDi connector.

8.Disconnect U2o connector (1) from the SRS unit (A).


9.Check resistance between the No. 8 and No. 15 terminals of U2o connector. There should be 0-1.0 W.


Is the resistance as specified?

YES - Faulty driver's (right)  side impact sensor or SRS unit; replace the driver's (right) side impact sensor. If the problem is still present, replace the SRS unit.n

NO - Open in the floor wire harness; replace the floor wire harness.n