Headliner Removal/Installation

  • When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape to prevent damage.
  • Take care not to bend and scratch the headliner.
  • Be careful not to damage the dashboard and other interior trim.

1.Remove these items:

2.From both sides, remove the sunvisor (A) and holder (B).

-1 Using a flat-tip screwdriver, pry the cap (C).
-2 Pull the clip portions (D) of the cap down.
-3 Remove the sunvisor from the body and holder.
-4 Using a flat-tip screwdriver, push the hook, and turn the holder 90 °, then pull it out.


3.If equipped, remove the roof console (A).

-1 Remove the lens (B).
-2 Remove the screws.
-3 Pull out the roof console, and disconnect the front individual map light connector (C).


4.Remove the caps (A), and remove the screws, then remove the grab handles (B) (driver's and each passenger's).


5.If equipped, remove the caps (A), and remove the bolts, then remove the inner roof rails (B) from both sides.


6.If equipped, remove the cap (A) from the center seat belt retractor cover (B).


7.With the help of an assistant, remove the headliner (A). LHD is shown, RHD is similar.

-1 Remove the remaining front door opening trim (B) and rear door opening trim (C) from each roof portion.
-2 With sunroof: Remove the roof trim (D).
-3 Remove the upper portion of the remaining center pillar upper trim (E) and quarter pillar trim (F). Take care not to damage the trim.
-4 Detach the clip (G), and release the fasteners (H) by pulling the rear portion of the headliner down. Take care not to damage the headliner.
-5 Lower the headliner, and remove it from the remaining trim, and disconnect the sunroof connector (I) (with sunroof). Take care not to damage the interior wire harness (J).


8.With the help of an assistant, remove the cushion tape, then remove the interior wire harness (A) from the headliner (B). Take care not to damage the headliner and interior wire harness.

With sunroof: 

Without sunroof: 

9.Remove the headliner through the tailgate opening.
Take care not to damage the headliner.

10.If equipped with the anchors, remove the anchor cover bracket (A), then remove the anchor cover (B) from the headliner.


11.If equipped with a center seat belt retractor, remove the speed nuts (A), and remove the cushion tape (B), then remove the retractor cover bracket (C) and retractor cover (D) from the headliner.


12.Using a clip remover, detach the clips (A, B), then remove the front roof side pad (C) and rear roof side pad (D).


13.Install the headliner in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • When reinstalling the headliner through the tailgate opening, be careful not to fold or bend it.
    Also, be careful not to scratch the body.
  • Replace any damaged clips, and replace the cushion tape.
  • Check that both sides of the headliner are securely attached to the trim.
  • With sunroof: When reinstalling the roof trim (A), install the joint (B) as shown.