Fuse to Components Index - Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box

Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box
Fuse Number Amps Wire Color Component(s) or Circuit(s) Protected 
15A BLK/WHT Ignition coils 
10A GRN/WHT Rear accessory power socket 
10A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit (KG model: daytime running lights) 
20A BLU/RED Front fog lights 
10A GRN/YEL Alternator, Camshaft position (CMP) sensor, Cruise main switch, Cruise control unit, ELD unit, EVAP canister purge valve, Intake manifold runner control (IMRC) solenoid valve, Primary HO2S, Secondary HO2S, Vehicle speed sensor 
7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit (With rear fog light) 
7.5A YEL/GRN Headlight adjuster switch, Headlight adjuster unit, Power window control unit, Power window relay, Sunroof open relay, Sunroof close relay 
20A GRN Sunroof motor 
7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Option connector, Multiplex control unit 
YEL/RED AVN unit (With Navigation), Audio unit (Without Navigation), Interlock control unit (KG model: daytime running lights), key interlock solenoid, Key interlock relay, Shift lock solenoid 
7.5A RED/GRN OPDS unit (With side airbag), Rear wiper control unit, Rear wiper motor, Rear window washer motor 
10 7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit 
YEL ABS modulator-control unit, A/T reverse relay, Back-up lights, Gauge assembly, Keyless receiver unit, Security control unit, Shift lock relay 
11 ——— ——— Not used 
12 7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit (KG model: daytime running lights) 
13 10A PNK SRS unit(VB) 
14 10A Fuse/relay box socket Option connector 
BLK/YEL A/C compressor clutch relay, Blower motor relay, Condenser fan relay, Climate control unit (With auto A/C), Heater control panel (Without auto A/C), In-car temperature sensor assembly (LHD type with auto A/C), Power mirror actuator, Power mirror defogger, Radiator fan relay, Rear window defogger relay, Recirculation control motor 
15 30A RED/YEL Headlight washer motor 
16 20A RED/BLK Seat heaters 
17 15A BLK/YEL ECM/PCM, Fuel pump, Inertia switch (KG, KR and KE models), SRS unit (VA) 
18 15A YEL/GRN Cigarette lighter, Rear accessory power socket relay 
19 7.5A YEL/BLK Turn signal/hazard relay 
20 20A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit 
GRN/BLK Windshield wiper motor, Windshield washer motor 
21 ——— ——— Not used 
22 20A GRN/BLK Front passenger's power window motor 
23 20A GRN/WHT Driver's power window motor 
24 20A YEL/RED Left rear power window motor 
25 20A YEL/BLU Right rear power window motor