DTC Troubleshooting: P1717 (62)

DTC P1717:  Problem in ATP RVS Signal Circuit of Transmission Range Switch

NOTE: Record all freeze data before you troubleshoot.

1.Check whether DTC P1705 or P1706 is indicated.

Is DTC P1705 or P1706 indicated?

YES - Perform the troubleshooting flowchart for the indicated code(s), then go to 2.

NO - Go to 6.

2.Shift the shift lever into [P] position, and shift to [R], [N], [D], then shift back to [N], [R], and into [P]. The shift lever should stop for more than 2 seconds at each position.

3.Turn the ignition switch OFF, then turn it ON (II).

4.Shift the shift lever to [R] position for more than 2 seconds, then shift into [N].

5.Check for DTC P1717.

Is DTC P1717 indicated?

YES - Go to 6.

NO - The problem has been corrected.n

6.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

7.Check for continuity between PCM connector terminals A23 and body ground, and between A24 and body ground.


Is there continuity?

YES - Go to 8.

NO - Repair open in the wires between PCM connector terminals A23 and ground ( G101), and between A24 and ground (G101), and repair poor ground (G101).n

8.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

9.Shift to [R] position.

10.Measure the voltage between PCM connector terminals C12 and A23 or A24.


Is there voltage?

YES - Go to 11.

NO - Check for loose terminal fit in the PCM connectors. If necessary, substitute a known-good  PCM and recheck.n

11.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

12.Disconnect the transmission range switch connector.

13.Check for continuity between the No. 1 and No. 10 terminals of the transmission range switch connector. The shift position must be [R].


Is there continuity?

YES - Repair open in the wire between PCM connector terminal C12 and the  transmission range switch.n

NO - Replace the  transmission range switch.n