A/T Reverse Selector Hub and 1st Gear Installation

Special Tools Required
Driver 40 mm I.D. (  07746-0030100)

K24A1 Engine Model

1.Apply ATF to the parts.

2.Install the 2nd gear to the countershaft by hand.

3.Align the shaft splines with those on 1st gear, then press the countershaft (A) into the 1st gear (B) with a press. Place a shaft protector (C) between the countershaft and press to prevent damaging the contershaft.


4.Stop pressing the countershaft when the 1st gear contacts the 2nd gear (D).

5.Install the 3rd gear, 37 x 41 x 82.8 mm collar, 31 mm cotters, 35 x 47 x 7.8 mm collar, set ring, needle bearing, and 4th gear on the countershaft.

6.Slide the reverse selector hub (A) over the countershaft (B), then press it in place with the special tool and a press.

NOTE: Some reverse selector hubs are not press-fitted, and can be installed without using the special tool and a press.