VIN, Engine and Transmission Numbers (KZ)

Thailand Model

Vehicle Identification Number


a. Manufacturer, Make, and Type of Vehicle 
 MRH: HONDA of Thailand
HONDA Passenger vehicle 
b. Line, Body, and Engine Type 
 RD5:  CR-V/K20A4 
c. Body Type and Transmission Type 
 8: 4-door Stationwagon/4-speed Automatic 
d. Vehicle Grade (Series) 
 4:  RV-i 
 8:  RV-Si 
e. Fixed Code 
f. Model Year Code 
 2: 2002 
g. Factory Code 
 P: Rojana Factory in Thailand 
h. Specification Code 
 3: with ABS and SRS 
 4: with ABS, SRS and leather seats 
i. Serial Number 

Engine Number


a. Engine Type 
 K20A4:  2.0 L DOHC VTEC Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected engine with three way catalytic converter 
b. Model Year Code 
 2: 2002 
c. Factory Code 
 P: Rojana Factory in Thailand 
d. Serial Number 

Transmission Number


a. Transmission Type 
 MRVA:  4-speed Automatic (4WD) 
b. Serial Number