Fuse to Components Index - Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box

Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box
Fuse Number Amps Wire Color Component(s) or Circuit(s) Protected 
20A BLU/YEL Condenser fan motor 
BLU/RED A/C compressor clutch 
15A WHT/GRN Dash lights, Fog light switch, Front parking lights, Front side marker lights, Multiplex control unit (KG model: daytime running lights), License plate lights, Taillights, Taillight relay 
15A WHT/BLU Alarm control siren, Ceiling lights, Ignition key light, Rear wiper control unit, Spotlights 
20A BLU/BLK Radiator fan motor 
15A WHT/BLK Hazard warning light, Security control unit, Turn signal/hazard relay 
15A WHT/BLK CKP sensor, ECM/PCM, Fuel injectors, IAC valve, Immobilizer control unit-receiver, PGM-FI main relay 1 and 2, TDC sensor 
15A WHT/GRN ABS modulator-control unit, Brake lights, Cruise control unit, ECM/PCM, Security horn relay, Security horn 
——— ——— Not used 
10A WHT/RED AVN unit (With Navigation), Audio unit (Without Navigation), Data link connector, Gauge assembly, Immobilizer control unit-receiver, Keyless receiver unit,Multiplex control unit, Security control unit, Ultrasonic sensor 
10 30A WHT/RED ABS modulator-control unit (+B MR) 
11 20A BLK/YEL Noise condenser, Rear window defogger 
12 40A BLU/WHT Blower motor 
13 40A WHT/BLK No. 7, 22, 23, 24, 25 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box) 
14 40A WHT/RED No. 2, 3, 5, 15, 16 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box) 
15 15A RED/YEL Headlight washer control unit, High beam indicator light, Left headlight 
16 20A WHT Multiplex control unit 
17 15A RED Right headlight 
18 30A WHT/BLU ABS modulator-control unit (+B FSR) 
19 100A ——— Battery, Power distribution 
20 50A WHT Ignition switch (BAT)