How to Troubleshoot the SRS - Initializing the OPDS Unit/DTC Troubleshooting: 85-71, 85-78

Initializing the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) Unit

When a seat-back cover, seat-back cushion, and/or OPDS unit is replaced, initialize the OPDS by following the procedure.

NOTE: A new (uninitialized) OPDS unit installed with a faulty OPDS sensor can cause DTC 85-71.

1.Erase the DTC memory (see ‘‘Erasing the DTC Memory'').

2.Make sure the front passenger's seat is dry. Set the seat-back in a normal position, and make sure there is nothing on the seat.

3.Make sure the ignition switch is OFF and the MES connector is not shorted.

4.Connect the HDS to the DLC (A).


5.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

6.From the HDS Main Menu, select SRS, then Misc Test, then adjustments. In the Adjustment Menu, select OPDS INIT. Follow the screen prompts to initialize the OPDS.

7.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

8.Disconnect the HDS from the DLC.

NOTE: If the OPDS system fails to initialize after several attempts, replace the OPDS sensor and retry. If the OPDS system continues to fail to initialize, replace the OPDS unit.