A/T End Cover Removal

Special Tools Required
Mainshaft holder set (  07PAB-0010000)

NOTE: The illustration shows the 4WD transmission; the 2WD is similar.

1.Remove the 6 x 1.0 mm bolt (D) securing the ATF cooler inlet line bracket (E), line bolt (F), and sealing washers (G), and remove the ATF cooler inlet line (H).


2.Remove the line bolt (I) and sealing washer (J), and remove the ATF cooler outlet line (K).

3.Remove the A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve A, ATF joint pipes (L), O-ring (M), ATF pipe (N), and gasket (O).

4.Remove the A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve B and C, harness clamp brackets (P), ATF joint pipes (Q), O-rings (R), and gasket (S).

5.Remove the transmission range switch cover (T).

6.Remove the transmission range switch harness clamps (U) from the clamp bracket (V), and remove the transmission range switch (W).

7.Remove the harness clamp bracket from the end cover (X).

8.Remove the end cover, dowel pins (Y), O-rings (Z), and end cover gasket (AA).

9.Slip the special tool onto the mainshaft.


10.Engage the park pawl with the park gear.

11.Cut the lock tab (A) of the each shaft locknut (B) using a chisel (C). Then remove the locknuts and conical spring washers from each shaft.

  • Countershaft and secondary shaft locknuts have left-hand threads.
  • Keep all of the chiseled particles out of the transmission.
  • Clean the old mainshaft and countershaft locknuts; they are used to install the press fit idler gear on the mainshaft, and park gear on the countershaft.


12.Remove the special tool from the mainshaft.

13.Set a two-jaw (or three-jaw) puller (A) on the countershaft (B) by putting a spacer (C) between the puller and countershaft, then remove the park gear (D).


14.Install a 6 x 1.0 mm bolts (A) on the mainshaft idler gear (B). Set a puller (C) on the mainshaft (D) with putting a spacer (E) between the puller and mainshaft, then remove the mainshaft idler gear.


15.Remove the park pawl, park pawl spring, park pawl shaft, and stop shaft.

16.Remove the park lever from the control shaft.